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Words With Bijou

Words With Bijou

As G-House powers forward at a menacing pace, BIJOU is the name on everyone’s lips. Instead of setting the bar for the genre, he only raises it higher. Rather than embracing the standard, he constantly pushes the envelope further with a distinct, robust soundscape all his own. After having a crazy run of debut shows around Australia last year, BIJOU is back for an even bigger tour this July, promoting his new single with Marco XO ‘Lose Control’. We borrowed him for a few quick words.


What got you into music?

I’ve actually been around music my entire life. My dad was in the music business as a manager so when I was younger I was around it constantly. He’s really helped me with a lot so I’m super thankful that its been engrained in me from a young age.

Worst advice you’ve ever received?

Thats an easy one, I was once told that I need to stick with trends and thats the only way im going to make it. I think thats totally false, youre going to be so unhappy long term if youre not doing what you actually enjoy.

Favourite studio snack?

Yo i REALLY loved dates. Not going out on dates but the fruit haha. They’re super energising and you only need a couple to get rid of that sweet tooth. Super healthy as well.

What was the plan B if you didn’t end up a successful G-house lord?

There is no plan B, this is the only option. I think being in that mind set like yo this is the only thing I’m doing is what keeps me so driven.

Weirdest song request?

I once had someone request a country song. I didn’t really even know how to respond because I was so shocked haha.


What song would you want played at your funeral?

I’m going to live forever…

How are you feeling about coming back to Australia?

I’m SUPER excited to be back In Australia. My first tour there was absolutely insane, I didn’t want to leave. It’ll be my first time in New Zealand too so I can’t wait for the festival there. My favourite thing is the people hands down. Everyone is so welcoming and nice, you don’t experience that in every country so it’s quite refreshing that Australia has that.




FACEBOOK: @officialdjbijou

INSTAGRAM: @djbijou

SPOTIFY: @bijou


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