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What’s the wildest thing you’ve ever done?

I can’t really think of anything to “wild” that I’ve done. I mean I guess the thing that I still can’t believe that I managed to do was opening those DJ schools that I talk about later in these questions. I was 21 with no experience at all with business, teaching, building - anything really and I somehow managed to get these DJ schools up and running. And I guess even more wild than that was when I was running the school and teaching but I was also studying at Icon - that year was absolutely insane. I would sleep 2-5 hours a night, I would be finishing assignments backstage at events, submitting assignments in taxi’s on the way to the airport. It was pretty nuts when I look back at it - I have no idea how I did it.  

Have you ever been arrested/come close to?

Yah, when I was about 15. Really boring story but I got caught underage drinking at a local school with a whole group of guys. I had snuck out from my family home with my boyfriend at the time. We had a huge drunken night there and the police rocked up when one of our friends passed out. They couldn’t get onto his parents so took him to hospital and my boyfriends mum drove me back home for me to sneak back into my house. Everyone there was given 3 months of juvenile alcoholics anonymous meetings except for me.

What’s the name of the last project you worked on?

‘ Lasery Sips Wub ‘

tell us 5 Sippy things the world needs to know

  1. I’m a multi-instrumentalist (I play piano, guitar and drums), and played all these instruments growing up

2. I’m in the middle of a 17 date Aus and NZ tour

3. I was contracted to start-up and run 3 DJ schools across the east coast of Australia. The schools would train roughly 750 students each year (over a 4 month period), and I would also teach there - I still see a lot of students that I taught DJing around Sydney and Australia now. 

4. I was a ballerina for 14 years of my life  that’s one that no one ever hears about. I was in the junior program for the Australian ballet and danced at the Opera House with the Australian Ballet when I was a kid. 

5. I have spent the last year and a half refining my production skills and building up a bank of music that I am just about to unleash on the world! In form of remixes, bootlegs AND EP’s


What can we expect from your upcoming EP?

I think people at my shows may have heard a lot from my upcoming EP. But its kind of the foundation of where I’m going to go. There’s a whole mix of melodic fun and some cool sound design based tunes as well! 


Favourite thing about music?

My favourite thing about music is its power in completely affecting your mood and mentality. For example - it can quite literally pull you out of or push you into a state of depression, or it can completely change your mood or mindset for the day. 

Would you rather DJ at a kindergarten for 5 hours or a retirement home?

Hmmm it’s a tough one, but to be honest I think I would rather DJ at a retirement home. I’d love to play some old classics to make some old folk’s day! 

Do you have any kind of pre-show ritual? (like to hype yourself/calm yourself down before a show?)

So I’ve actually had to start doing neck warm ups and stretches before shows haha (although sometimes I forget which I always regret the next day). I started getting a lot of neck and back problems from all the head banging! hahaha. I know there’s ways to do it without as many detrimental effects to your neck and back, but when I play my body just takes over. I’ve started seeing an osteopath who has slowly been working on my neck and back. It got so bad where if I head banged to only one song, I couldn’t move my neck for 2 days afterwards because of whiplash, so now I always stretch and warm up my neck before shows. 


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