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Words With Kayoh

Words With Kayoh

Meet Kayoh. Young up-and-coming DJ/producer from Baltimore. It all started for this guy with burning mix CDs, learning a bunch of instruments at once, and of course overloading an iPod with all the music he was obsessing over. Fast forward a few years, add in FL Studio, and here we have Kayoh. He’s just teamed up with MC Dino for his latest single ‘Darkside’, which just came out on the MAD ZOO Records compilation. We borrowed him for a few quick words to talk about life, aliens and of course the release…

So, tell us a little about Darkside:

I started this song around January of this year. I love making mid-tempo but sometimes the genre can get a little stale to me so I wanted to mix it up and add some neuro bass elements. The track was nearly complete but still felt a little empty so I sent it to my friend and legendary drum and bass MC, MC Dino, and he finished it off with an awesome verse and hook! Overall, just a really fun mid-tempo track that has some grit and bounciness to it.

If you could teleport anywhere in the world in the next 24 hours where would you go?

If I had to choose one place probably Tokyo. Seems like there's an infinite amount of things you can do there. You probably can't have a bad time in Tokyo. But if I could bounce around from place to place I would try and visit as many European countries I could and go to a pub in each.

What does music mean to you?

Music is what keeps me going, It was my first love and will always be one of the most important aspects of my life. It's helped me create lifelong friendships and taken me on many adventures so I'm extremely thankful for that.


Do you believe in aliens?

Hell yeah. I think you would be foolish not to. Aliens exist (shout-out Tom Delonge)

Weirdest in-studio habit?

I'm not sure how weird this is but a lot of times I'm working on music I cross my legs. The other day I had them crossed for too long and my leg fell asleep. When I tried to get up from my computer chair I fell in my room and couldn't walk for a couple minutes. That was fun.

Last person you drunk dialled?

Probably my best friend Julian. We face-time each other a lot when we're drunk. But I think I'm pretty good with these things, I try to stay away from my phone if I've tied a few on. Probably for the best.

What else can we expect from Kayoh in 2019?

An EP, collaborations, more shows, and starting my own mix series as well! Should be a very fun and busy second half of 2019!




FACEBOOK: @kayohofficial

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SPOTIFY: @kayoh

SOUNDCLOUD: @kayohofficial

TWITTER: @kayohofficial

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