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Meet Mashd N Kutcher. These guys are NOT your average DJs. They tour all over the world. They have have a dynamic live show involving keyboard, sample pads and drums. They collaborated with a pizza delivery guy. They troll crowds on every continent… seriously, watch this:

Who is Mashd and who is Kutcher? Also, didn’t Ashton Kutcher give you a shout-out once?

Matt - neither is either we are matt and Adam. Big Ashton knows who we are but hasn’t had a crack yet for intellectual property thank god.

Adam - Matt came home late one night after a lot of soft drinks… then he made mash ups while watching two and half men while Ashton was on it. Now it’s too late to change the name.


Most annoying habit of the other one on tour?

Matt - Adam’s always hungry… Always talking about being hungry, always starving. What feels like zero time elapses between consuming one meal and discussing the next one. I used to buy into it and feel like that meant I had to eat too but these days I tend to just tune out and stay in my hotel room if I’m not also hungry. But then usually end up ordering even more food on room service like a true fat c***t anyway so yeah lol.
Adam - Matt likes to ask questions and not hear the answers. Over the space of two hours in a morning I can be asked what time we’re boarding our flight a good 10-12 times.

Would you rather speak to animals or be able to read human minds? (aka actually know what your girlfriend wants for dinner)

Matt - I just want to be able to talk to dogs and understand them. Why live with our best friends if we never speak, that’s weird AF.

Adam - I think being able to read minds could be handy but also terrifying. I vote having banter with doggo’s, how good would that be!

5 things we’ll find MNK always travelling with?

Matt - AirPods, MacBooks, Live instruments, fun party socks and banter.

Adam - Party socks, Party jocks, JBL speaker, drum sticks and hopefully my headphones if I haven’t left them on a plane.

Who would you absolute DREAM collab be with?

Matt - Michael buble

Adam - TOOL

What have you guys got coming up for the rest of 2019?

Matt - more shows, new music, good times, classic hits.

Adam - budgeting for Christmas.

Crunchy or smooth peanut butter?
- if you have to ask we can’t be friends - crunchy.

Adam - I honestly think smooth peanut butter can be a huge choking hazard!

What’s the MNK vision? (ticketed shows, world domination?)

Matt - all of the above

Adam - All of it. Ticketed shows with a grand piano and giant drum kit. That’s livin'

Favourite thing you’ve ever sampled and made into a song?

Matt - A number one hit we weren’t allowed to get clearance for the sample for, but still went ahead and used it anyway.

Adam - My housemate recreating Splice vocal samples.



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YOUTUBE: @mashdnkutcher

Devah (NSFW)

Devah (NSFW)