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Marten Horger - our favourite bacon and bass enthusiast from Germany, just wrapped up his 8th Australian tour with Poster Child, following his recent release ‘Hands Together’ on Tchami’s record label Confession. Hands Together has quickly become a worldwide bass house anthem, receiving support from the likes of Diplo, Malaa, Jauz and A-Trak just to name a few, as well as BBC Radio` and Apple BeatsOne radio love.

We can see why UK DJ Mag describes him as ‘the future’.

Seven full-house shows at some of Australia’s coolest, bass-loving clubs, each one looking even crazier than the last. Aside from Hands Together, he’s also recently released another absolute banger ‘Badman Forward’, and his collab with ‘So High’ with German homie Maximono.

It’s always interesting to talk to artists about their experience in Australia, so we borrowed a few minutes of Marten’s time to talk all things music, new music, and why he loves Australia so much!

This is your 8th Australian tour! You’re clearly very loved here, and you must like us too to come back so many times?

EVERYTHING. The People, the food, the light, the sea… Australia is basically a big pile of stuff I love. Seriously, I could totally live here. Over the years I have made so many great friends here too. It feels like coming home every single time.  Once you have sorted out your Internet speed - you’re the perfect country :)


Your reputation as a foodie isn’t too far behind your music reputation. How do you feel about Aussie food?

I love the sense of quality you guys have. Everything is always fresh and prepared with love. The BBQ Culture here is epic! In Germany all the foreign restaurants serve food that is ‘Germanised’, whereas in Australia everything is a lot more ‘pure’.  Chinese Food tastes like actual Chinese food. Same with all the other places.I absolutely love walking around towns on my off days and eat out like 4 times a day :)

Let’s not talk about vegemite though … hahaha. 

You tour so much all over the world, do you like to try the local foods wherever you go? Like the cultural foods or dishes that they’re famous for?

Yes. I usually try everything wherever I go. It would feel wrong not to! I grew up in a restaurant and my mum is a chef, so I have been surrounded by food culture all my life.


How are you wrapping up your year? Are you playing overseas, or taking some time off to spend with family at home?

In order to keep my sanity and productivity, I try to keep touring and studio periods separate, which means now that I have finished my tour in Australia I’m doing a few more European shows and then will take two months off to be home.

That means I’ll probably be with my family and friends for New Years. So good!

What has been your highlight of 2018 so far?


Burning Man was definitely my favourite festival this year. If you ever get the chance to go then you should! But, Australia is my favourite tour so far.

Also, what can we expect in the near future from you musically? We’re always keen for more Marten music!

I have another Song with Maximono coming out very soon, plus a big collab with Canadian Producers SkiiTour. And a follow up EP with Neon Steve too.

I think I’ve never been this productive before. So good!


Follow MARTEN HØRGER here:

Facebook: @Marten.Horger

Instagram: @marten_horger

Spotify: @martenhorger

Soundcloud: @marten-horger

Twitter: @martenhorger

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