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Your denim, your DNA... the customised denim brand we've all been waiting for.

Your denim, your DNA... the customised denim brand we've all been waiting for.

We recently had a chat to the legends behind the new and innovative custom denim label about how it was created and what to expect!  Method of Denim launches in September, and if you're into denim, you'll fucking love it.

So, what exactly IS Method of Denim?

Founded in Sydney, Australia in 2017 by Lloyd Boolkin, Method of Denim was born out of the belief that denim is like DNA; deeply personal and unique to the wearers personal style. To put it plain and simple - wearing it how you like it. Each unique piece is designed by the individual, made-to-measure, for a truly one-of-a-kind denim garment, to last a lifetime.  From the wash to the hem, distress and fit... you're in charge. Using the best quality denim, combined with state of the art technology and traditional craftsmanship, Method of Denim brings bespoke designs to life. 

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How did Method of Denim begin?

Denim has always been a staple in my wardrobe. Working in the hospo industry for years meant it became my 'uniform'. Over time, I began making my own customisations to wear it how I wanted to wear it, whether it be distress, rips and tears, through to denim graffiti and patches. Method of Denim was born out of the idea that denim should be worn how ever the hell you like it!

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What kind of customisations can you do?

From start to finish, each piece is customised and tailored to the individual. We are the first denim brand to offer made-to-fit garments, based on predictive technology from the customer's weight, height and standard size. From there, the customer becomes the designer, customising their product from the wash, the rise, the hem and distress. Personalisation including lettering and patchwork is also offered as part of the customisation process.


What's in store for the future?

We see Method of Denim as an opportunity to showcase amazing local talent across the music, art and fashion scene. Collaborating with likeminded individuals is at the forefront of our brand. Stay turned to see what we've lined up for the rest of 2018! 

(questions answered by Lloyd, founder/all-round legend)

Website: www.methodofdenim.com - launching September, 2018.

Instagram: @methodofdenim_

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/methodofdenim/